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The Innovv C3 dashboard digital camera is synthetic by means of the chinese corporation Innovv Tech. at the same time as the camera appears just like the Innovv C1 and C2, the lens is connected to a 1.five meter long cable in preference to being part of the primary unit. This camera became designed for use on motorcycles and Innovv solicited comments on our forum to perceive some necessities for this digital camera. The lens is genuinely waterproof (IP65 rated) making it best for out of doors use, a feature now not generally observed on sprint cameras. common this is a totally unique digicam that would have more than one makes use of beyond being a dash cam. This is well known dash cam which is the best dash cam in usa 2018.

The Innovv C3 uses the same Novatek 96650 processor and the Aptina AR0330 CMOS sensor as the Innovv C1 / C2. It information 1080p at 30f/s with an average bit fee of about 15,000kpbs. Video exceptional is quite desirable however is barely worse than some of the other NT96650 / AR0330 cameras.

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The Innovv C3 does no longer come with GPS or screen hence the main unit is very small at 62 x 39 x 18mm. one of the drawbacks is that the camera makes use of an 8-pin proprietary USB cable for powering / connecting to a pc which may be hard to locate if you are searching out a replacement cable or a longer cable.

whilst buying this digicam, you may need to decide on whether or not to purchase the battery version or capacitor model. Capacitors perform higher than batteries in intense temperatures (they don’t swell up) so they’re regularly the preferred preference. further you may need to choose among a slender attitude lens (ninety°) or huge perspective lens (one hundred twenty°). here is a video from our member niko showing the variations. This angle lens is honestly a private desire.

Operating pointers

Connecting to laptop

connect the digicam lens cable to the recording unit and positioned your MicroSD card in it.
The camera cable should be related to the recording unit on your computer to peer the recording unit as a drive.

connect your camera for your pc with the furnished shorter usb cable and open the configuration software. The longer cable is for energy best.

make certain which you have a memory card in the digital camera as properly.

Formatting the Micro SD Card

preserve the pinnacle and bottom buttons on the same time until the LED flashes inexperienced to format your card.


flip off the G-Sensor Sensitivity if you’re going to use the camera on a bike. all the other placing are non-public preference but proprietors have had good fortune with saturation set to excessive and the EV set to -zero.5 or -1

in case you’re using the date and time stamp, anything which you exchange the “ITS MY VIDEO” box to must be in capital letters or it received’t display up

After you have your settings all done click the create configuration report button on the bottom left of the field. nothing will appear that you can see whilst you click it and also you only must click it as soon as.

Then click the shop to digicam button and then select your camera drive from the listing, it ought to be inside the laptop list of drives. click good enough and then maintain the camera strength button for 3 seconds to tun it off after which keep for 3 seconds again to turn it back on and the LED ought to start flashing crimson at the same time as the digicam is updating. That need to be all you want to get started out.

Video isn’t always stage

The little nub at the lens housing us the up indicator, rotate to point up. make sure that the G Sensor is set to off within the settings options

LED flashes red and orange

unless the battery is a hundred% charged while you begin you’ll see an alternating pink and orange LED while the internal battery is charging and just a purple blinking LED once the battery is absolutely charged.

Recognized issues

Condensation within the lens

One proprietor has indicated that condensation has accrued within the camera lens. given that the lens is sealed off and is water resistant, this appears to be a rare issue. resolution is to stop using the digicam and permit it to dry out.

Magenta Flash

a few proprietors have indicated that they get a purplish / magenta flash for one or frames as shown within the photo below. can be due to a damaged cable.

Buttons come off

a few owners have indicated that the Innovv C3 buttons can come free and pop off. To restoration this, you may need to re-glue the buttons.

Cold Temperature Operation

The Innovv C3 has an operating temperature specification of zero°C to sixty five°C. looking to record beneath 0°C can be complicated and films may be corrupt. There may be no reaction to the on / off button and the lens cable becomes stiff. This camera must best be used inside the particular temperature variety to keep away from those issues.

laptop GUI for Settings

The Innovv C3 has a laptop GUI program available that lets in the settings to be adjusted. the program can be downloaded from the INNOVV C3 website online.

Have to I buy?

The Innovv C3 is one of the first “water-resistant” sprint cams to be had making it best for a bike digicam. There are a few drawbacks with the digicam as noted however right now there are not any similar small, discreet, water resistant cameras with the lens on the quit of a cable.

if you are seeking out a motorbike digicam, this ought to be on the top of your list. if you are looking for a versatile digicam for a unique situation, this can match the invoice as nicely. charge is reasonable for what is furnished and maximum owners are thrilled with it. basic a respectable camera.