Bluetooth sports headphones

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Sennheiser PMX 90 – an attempt by a well-known German company to gain a foothold in the market for cheap overhead best bluetooth headphones of an open type. The model works well with most existing portable players.

The headphones look simple and sporty, thanks to the smooth silhouette of the ergonomic earhook. Soft ear cups allow you to listen to music for many hours without much fatigue. On the textured plastic cups is the company logo.

The length of the bow and the position of the cups are not regulated in any way. In practice, this means that the model should always be tried before purchasing.

To the headphones, the wire is connected only from one side. It is quite impressive – 1.2 meters long. This is enough to listen to music from mobile devices, but not enough when you connect the device to your computer. The lack of a volume control can cause problems when using some low-power players.

Externally, the construction looks brittle enough, but there are no problems with its strength. Lightness (only 52 grams) of sports bluetooth headphones in combination with comfortable cups allows you to listen to your favorite songs for 2-3 hours, without becoming tired.


Sound quality

From the manufacturer expected high quality sound. Unfortunately, many buyers have experienced disappointment. Although the sound in the headphones and not bad (for this price segment), but here with the volume there are problems. Its “pumping” is almost impossible on any popular modern player. More or less tolerable decibels can be achieved only on older Nokia phones, but the quality of the reproduced sound is far from ideal.

In the absence of noise isolation, headphones can comfortably be heard only indoors. The usual street noise (not to mention the metro) will not give you the opportunity to hear musical compositions. The clamping force of the bow is weak. Despite the closed look of the model, music in the headphones will be perfectly heard by others.


Sennheiser PMX 90 is not a very good model. However, given the low cost of headphones, some buyers will find this model interesting.


  • comfort;
  • taking into account the price – good sound quality;
  • good strength;
  • low price;
  • optimal length of wire. Not too short, but not too long to touch objects.


  • only one “universal” size and lack of adjustment;
  • low volume, which is difficult to “swing”. It is not recommended to use these best Bluetooth headphones without an amplifier;
  • mediocre basses.